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April 22, 2013

To all of my loyal blog readers (a.k.a. mom), I have a favor to ask you. Please vote for me. It’s a long-ish story, but the short version is this: I took some pictures, now one of them is in a contest, and the picture with the most votes wins A MILLION DOLLARS.

Hahaha. No. I wish.

But the picture with the most votes DOES win bragging rights, and an award at the Austin Fashion Awards on May 11. So that’s kind of cool right?

For those of you who are used to seeing wedding photography in this space, you may be saying – WHERE ARE THE BRIDES AND GROOMS UMA? OK so here’s the thing. I LOVE fashion editorial photography. I use it as inspiration for my wedding portraiture. I always approach my bride and groom portrait sessions as if I’m putting together an editorial shoot for a magazine. And I love shooting fashion, too. So, when I heard about this competition for photographers, I signed up.

Austin Fashion Week is coming — May 3-11. And as a part of this week, “Mash Up” teams come together in the spirit of  kicking some ass friendly competition. A smart guy named Matt Swinney started AFW five years ago to showcase the work of local Austin talent. Not just fashion designers – but also models, photographers, hair stylists and makeup artists.

For the Mash Up contest, each team creates a concept of their choosing, and executes that concept during a photo shoot. A single image is chosen to enter the competition.

My team is the best. Here are the talented women I had the pleasure of working with: designer Catherine Carter Hite, jewelry designer Jane-Michael Stallings, model Shelby Smith, makeup artist Katey Stevenson and hair stylist Carrie Leigh.

In a blog post next week I’m going to tell you all about the amazing team that I worked with to produce these images. But for now, I’d just like to share with you some of my favorite images from this photo shoot. In the hopes that I can convince you to vote for my team from every computer and device you own inspire you!

Catherine’s mermaid-y dress was our starting point. Our mermaid, Shelby, quickly evolved into a siren (sirens are sexier, according to Homer) and I of course started thinking of water-y locations.

I love, love, love shooting around water. But I don’t usually get to take my brides INTO the water. However on this shoot, that’s exactly where I was allowed to go! Catherine was fine with her gorgeous gown getting completely wet, so off we went into Spicewood Springs. Woohoo!

Without further ado, I present “SPRING WAKES THE SIREN”.

I’ll be back in a few days with another post that takes you behind the scenes of this fun shoot.

So here’s the shameless plug: please vote for Spring Wakes the Siren. I would be so grateful!

Voting closes at noon on Wednesday, May 1. Winners will be announced at the Austin Fashion Awards on May 11 at Austin Music Hall, where you can also see these images come to life on the runway!

The amazing thing about this dress is that even though Shelby hiked through water and over rocks while wearing it, IT STILL LOOKS RUNWAY WORTHY. Don’t believe me? Come check it out at the Mash Up runway show on May 11.

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