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April 9, 2015

Wow, Dallas! I had no idea you were so gorgeous. And just so many options – everywhere I looked, I saw the perfect backdrop. You know what they say: location, location, location. I can’t say enough about how important photogenic locations are when it comes to these photo shoots. Imagine my delight when these lovebirds presented me with the historic Majestic Theatre in downtown Dallas. It feels like something out of the Great Gatsby. What. A. Treat.

We finished at the Winspear Opera House and the Arts District. I have to admit, I wish we had such dramatic architecture to work with in Austin!

01_Dallas_Engagement_Pictures 02_Dallas_Engagement_Photos 03_Editorial_Engagement_Pictures 04_Dallas_Engagement_Photos 05_Editorial_Engagement_Pictures 06_Dallas_Engagement_Pictures 07_Indian_Engagement_Pictures 08_Creative_Engagement_Photos 09_Dallas_Engagement_Pictures 10_SouthAsian_Engagement_Pictures 11_Dallas_Engagement_Photos 12_Dallas_Engagement_Pictures 13_Modern_Wedding_Photos 14_Creative_Engagement_Photos 15_Dallas_Engagement_Pictures 16_Dallas_Engagement_Photos 17_Creative_Engagement_Pictures 18_Dallas_Engagement_Pictures 19_Dallas_Engagement_Pictures 20_Dallas_Engagement_Portraits 21_Dallas_Engagement_Pictures 22_Dallas_Engagement_Pictures 23_Dallas_Engagement_Pictures

Congratulations you two. I can’t wait for your wedding!


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Uma Sanghvi specializes in creative engagement photography and wedding photojournalism in Austin, Texas.

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