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July 26, 2013

Friends, this is what love looks like. Have you ever known two people so in love, that their warmth and affection for one another was obvious in every touch, every glance, every laugh? I’d like to introduce you to Tazin and Naveed.

This editorial style photo shoot happened last year, and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to blog it. But here we are at long last. Tazin and Naveed wanted to do an After Session with me. So a week after they got married, these lovely newlyweds got all gussied up once more, and together we made some photo magic happen.

Romantic black and white photo of Mulsim couple at sunset by Austin wedding photographer

You may have heard an “After Session” also called a “Day After Session” or a “Trash the Dress Session” – except I’m not a big fan of that term. It’s misses the mark, for me.

I absolutely love doing After Sessions, because the photos always turn out to be AMAZING. And not necessarily because of me. OK.. maybe a tiny little bit because of me — but mainly because of a bunch of other things you probably haven’t thought of. For example, I love it when a bride gets a second opportunity to use her wedding dress/outfit. I think of all the time and effort that went into pulling together the perfect look for the big day. Not only the dress – but the jewelry. The shoes. The something old, the something blue. And after a few hours on her wedding day (that are over in a flash), the dress is banished into storage. Or sold on eBay. And that’s the end of that story.

Or is it…

Wouldn’t it be nice to give your dress one last moment in the sun (literally) before you have to part ways? And check out Tazin’s jewelry while we’re here. Every piece has it’s own story. The earrings were her grandmothers (who had recently passed away). One of her necklaces was given to her by Naveed’s mother. Every single piece had meaning and a story behind it. Having an After Session meant being able to rock this perfect, meaningful, ensemble once again.

Unique wedding portraits of Muslim bride and groom by Austin wedding photographer

Creative wedding portrait of Indian groom kissing bride’s hand during after session photo shoot by Austin wedding photographer

Editorial style picture of Muslim bride and groom at night with skyline by Austin wedding photographer

Because of family, Tazin and Naveed got married in Columbus, Ohio. But – Cincinnati is where they met and fell in love. Ault Park and the Roebling Bridge were two spots laden with meaning for Tazin and Naveed. This is where they went for walks together. This is where they fell in love with one another. The wonderful thing about an After Session is that you can go absolutely ANYWHERE to take your wedding pictures. You’re not restricted to your venue… or even the city where your venue is located! Getting married in Dallas but want to make some stunning cinematic wedding photographs on the beach? DONE.

A photo of a bouquet of red roses and a romantic picture of a Muslim bride with tikka and Indian groom

Editorial-style wedding portrait of Muslim bride and groom with red rose petals by Austin wedding photographer

Romantic black and white picture of Muslim bride and groom from wedding after session by Austin wedding photographer

Muslim bride and groom pose with red balloons in modern photojournalistic wedding portraits by Austin photographer

A second reason they chose to do an After Session, is that it’s a no-stress situation. On their wedding day, Tazin and Naveed had a jam-packed timeline to adhere to. We did have some time scheduled for their bride and groom photo shoot, but it wasn’t leisurely. Often, I see couples getting a bit flustered on the wedding day because there’s just so much going on.

But it’s beautiful how relaxed and focused on each other Tazin and Naveed are in these pictures, don’t you think? With all the time in the world, and no grand entrance to rush back for – I could really get them to be present with one another. Genuine connection to each other, genuine emotion. For me as a photographer, I find it easier to make people laugh when they’re relaxed. And it’s easier to get those passionate, intense moments like this one.

Contemporary wedding portrait of Muslim bride and groom in romantic close up at sunset

Modern detail shot of Indian couple’s shoes showing white sandals with hem of bridal lehenga

Romantic photojournalistic portrait of Muslim couple by bridge and skyline by Austin wedding photographer

Modern black and white picture of Muslim bride with tikka and wedding jewelry by Austin wedding photographer

A third reason we decided to do an After Session, is because of light. Beautiful light makes for beautiful pictures. It’s (almost) just that simple. Other things matter, of course, but there is nothing as powerful as beautiful light. And the best natural light of the day happens in the hour before sunset – “golden hour”. That’s exactly when I took this next photo.

Editorial style picture of Muslim groom with bride in beautiful lehnga from after wedding photography session

Usually, during golden hour, the reception has already started. So it’s not easy to schedule bride and groom photos on your wedding day, during the time when the light is at its best. That’s another wonderful thing about your After Session – there’s no schedule or timeline to abide by. You can take advantage of golden hour. And seriously, it makes all the difference in the world.

Creative detail photo of Muslim groom straightening his tie

Editorial style portrait of Muslim bride and groom with sparklers by Austin wedding photography

Modern portraits of Muslim groom and stunning Indian bride in beautiful red and white lehenga with tikka

Unique portrait of Muslim bride and groom smiling and kissing by Austin wedding photographer

Beautiful black and white portraits of Muslim bride in detailed lehenga and tikka by Austin wedding photographer

Unique editorial style photo of Muslim couple with red balloons in sunset photo session by Austin wedding photographer

Ooo! Don’t you love that delicious Golden Hour light?

Romantic portrait of Muslim groom kissing bride in beautiful wedding lehnga and tikka

Contemporary and romantic pictures of Muslim bride and groom with city lights and sparklers

Photojournalistic wedding pictures of Muslim couple kissing under romantic bridge at sunset

Creative closeup wedding photo of Muslim bride and groom by Austin wedding photographer

Modern romantic photo of Muslim bride and groom surrounded with red rose petals

* * *

As it turns out, Maharani Magazine fell in love with this duo as well. Here’s Tazin and Naveed on the front cover of the most recent Maharani Magazine. From star-crossed lovers to cover models! You can’t imagine how happy seeing this made me.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 12.06.12 PM

And there’s also this gorgeous 12-page feature on Tazin and Naveed, which you can find here.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 12.27.17 PM

* * *

And that is what an After Session looks like.

Thank you Tazin and Naveed, for being so so SO awesome to photograph. I wish you all the best in your new life together.

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