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February 7, 2014

Every year I tear my hair out, going through THOUSANDS of images from a year’s worth of weddings to choose my 50 favorites for a ‘best of’ gallery in January. It is quite simply a monster undertaking for this indecisive photographer. This year, instead of a blog post I decided to go wild and design an entire digital magazine to showcase my favorite photos from 2013. Because HEY who needs sleep? Seriously. What is this “sleep” you speak of?

Six months ago, this magazine was a mere wisp of an idea.

One month ago, it was, well, still just a wispy little wisp. In the past 4 weeks, I’ve made a lot of decisions and thought to myself more than once: ok, this is either going to be amazing or completely suck. Luckily, I had some talented folks on my team. And I’m proud to say that today the first annual Studio Uma Gallery Book is live!!! And happily, I don’t think it sucks.

I’m so excited to share it with you. Check it out <  http://ow.ly/tn3BT > and let me know what you think ♥

 Contemporary portrait of modern bride by editorial style Austin wedding photographer

Best of 2013 wedding gallery graphic by Sturdy Mfg Co. for contemporary wedding photography magazine

Indian woodblock print in table of contents in unique Austin wedding photography magzine

Two creative photos of Indian couples in modern magazine by unique Austin Indian wedding photographer

Indian bride and wedding party in two editorial style pictures by Austin Indian wedding photographer

Modern editorial style photo of bride being helped by Austin wedding photographer

Editorial style photo of modern bride in contemporary Austin wedding photography magazine

Modern wedding bouquet and details in contemporary Austin wedding photography magazine

High fashion photo of contemporary bride in unique Austin wedding photography magazine

Editorial style photo of creative Austin wedding photographer working on unique wedding photo shoot

Contemporary title slide in high fashion Austin wedding photography magazine

Contemporary photo of high fashion bride in Austin wedding photography magazine

Three unique photos of modern Indian bride in magazine by high fashion Austin wedding photographer

Black and white picture of contemporary bride in photojournalistic photo shoot by Austin wedding photographer

Unique photo of Indian bride by contemporary Austin wedding photographer

Editorial style photo of Austin wedding photographer in modern wedding magazine


<<    Click here to see the whole magazine   >>

2013 was a wonderful year filled with amazing clients. And I am truly looking forward to the slate of weddings coming up this year. Many more new friends to be made, thousands of pictures to be taken and love to document.

* * *

As you might have guessed, many smart, talented and patient people helped me make this magazine.

They looked at pictures (some of them looked at THOUSANDS of photos), they copy edited, they photoshopped, they helped me make wardrobe decisions, they took pictures of moi that I actually like (that might be the biggest accomplishment of all), they designed and re-designed and re-designed some more. And they cheerleaded me along the way.

Here “they” are:

Graphic Design: Matt Thompson with Sturdy MFG Co

Photo Editors: Greg Lovett, Mark Edelson, Gary Kirksey, Priya Sanghvi, Chris Hendrix

Photos of me: Amber Vickery

Thank you also to Brie Mullin and to my mom for finding the most beautiful assortment of wood blocks in India and carrying them home for me.

Indian woodblock print design

By the way, here is a beautiful short video on Indian hand block printing. It evokes so much about India that I love. Watch it.

* * *

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